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  • You don't need to own all the buildings in the line before the one you'd like to use as a residence. You can rent any building as a residence without the prerequisites. You can do this from the world map.
  • When placing furniture in your residence you can use the keys [ and ] to rotate in smaller degrees.
  • You can rent a container from the Warehouse Managers that you can place in your residence, for easy access to your warehouse in that city, at the cost of 10 contribution points.
  • You can own a maximum of 5 residences in the game (but as many buildings as you'd like).
  • Friends can decorate your house with items purchased from the Pearl Shop (in-game cash shop)
  • A number of housing items can be stolen from certain NPCs but you will lose 1000 karma and 100 amity if you're caught. Just stand behind an NPC and if you can steal from that NPC an option will appear on the radial menu. Hit F2 to try your luck but beware the guards! (Choose 'Stolen' from the tag cloud to see a list of housing items currently known to be able to be stolen)
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